Class ResourceCategory<T>

Direct Known Subclasses:
IPResourceCategory, NumberResourceCategory

public class ResourceCategory<T>
extends java.lang.Object
  • Field Summary

    Modifier and Type Field Description
    protected java.lang.String comment  
    protected int id  
    protected int parentId  
    protected java.util.List<T> subCategories  
    protected java.lang.String title  
    protected int type  
  • Constructor Summary

    Constructor Description
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    java.lang.String getComment()  
    int getId()  
    int getParentId()  
    java.util.List<T> getSubCategories()  
    java.lang.String getTitle()  
    int getType()  
    void setComment​(java.lang.String comment)  
    void setId​(int id)  
    void setParentId​(int parentId)  
    void setSubCategories​(java.util.List<T> subCategories)  
    void setTitle​(java.lang.String title)  
    void setType​(int type)  

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  • Field Details

    • id

      protected int id
    • type

      protected int type
    • parentId

      protected int parentId
    • title

      protected java.lang.String title
    • comment

      protected java.lang.String comment
    • subCategories

      protected java.util.List<T> subCategories
  • Constructor Details

    • ResourceCategory

      public ResourceCategory()
  • Method Details

    • getId

      public int getId()
    • setId

      public void setId​(int id)
    • getSubCategories

      public java.util.List<T> getSubCategories()
    • setSubCategories

      public void setSubCategories​(java.util.List<T> subCategories)
    • getTitle

      public java.lang.String getTitle()
    • setTitle

      public void setTitle​(java.lang.String title)
    • getType

      public int getType()
    • setType

      public void setType​(int type)
    • getParentId

      public int getParentId()
    • setParentId

      public void setParentId​(int parentId)
    • getComment

      public java.lang.String getComment()
    • setComment

      public void setComment​(java.lang.String comment)